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[Afghanistan Times] KDS, KOICA 아프간 2차 자문단 파견사업의 라디오 보건 교육 내용이 Afghanistan Times에 실려
제목 [Afghanistan Times] KDS, KOICA 아프간 2차 자문단 파견사업의 라디오 보건 교육 내용이 Afghanistan Times에 실려
작성일 2012-07-25

Korea PRT initiates telemedicine drive in Parwan

(Afghanistan Times- Saturday July 14, 2012)

Parwan: South Korea Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) based in Parwan in joint venture with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has started Radio Health Education program to improve the health status in Parwan province.

Addressing briefing on Thursday Korean Health Senior Advisor Moon Ok Ryum said that in order to improve the current state of health and to provide a better healthy environment for people, PRT with the financial support of KOICA initiated Radio Health Education program in Parwan Province, whereas the pact over this project have been signed with Dyunya locality Radio to broadcast the program twice a week.

He sated that through this radio program people health problem by getting phone contact would be noted and after analyzing consultant will be given through the radio to the people for treatment and prevention in the area. The Korea-PRT tries to improve the health status of Parwan via radio broadcasting program, which combine preventive and promotive health care with patient consultations, he added.

He elaborated that “the project started since June 28 and would be continued for six months, where till date in initial attempts complaints about 29 cases of different diseases with high percentage of stomachache have been registered and after analysis treatment and prevention massages conveyed to the people”. He termed implementation of such project approaching to the PRT goal, adding that “prevention is better than cure, so beside reconstruction missions Korean PRT made efforts to set up programs in health field and through provide people healthy environment in Parwan province”. “The world of microorganism, how a disease spreading, chronic, waterborne disease, pregnancy, mental and so on health problems, the treatments and prevention steps would be discussed though the program”, he mentioned. Along side running health consultative program via radio PRT has a clinic for treatment of people in PRT compound where 100 patient including male and female treating daily, he asserted. Some operation also performing in the PRT clinic as well, he notified. Maryam one of the patients told to this reporter that “this is fourth time that I came here due to some health problems and since visiting the PRT clinic my health got better”. She said that beside check up the clinic provide the patient high quality medicine. She also pointing to the PRT initiative (Radio Health Education program) and termed it a useful program for the resident of Parwan province. Deputy of Dyunya Radio Dr. Mohammad Shafi Shafaq said that our station record over 40 health complaints in different levels and broadcast treatment and prevention ways in the scheduled days in the province. Dyunya Radio is Parwan locality Radio, which broadcasting in four provinces such as Parwan, Panjshir, Kapisa and northern districts of Kabul, he underlined.

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